Why can't I sell in the Premium Sellers forum?

This section is exclusively available to Contributors, Premium members, and trusted sellers who have received 30 positive feedback.

Why can't I post more than one sales thread?

We allow one thread per user in seller sections, this keeps the market clean and prevents users from posting a thread for each product they're selling.
So we recommend you collect all products your selling in one sales thread.

If you still want to start a new thread, please report your old thread and a staff member will move it to the archive.

Why can't I post threads or replies in the market?

If a dispute is filed against you in scam reports, your account will be temporarily restricted until you solve it.

How do I leave trading feedback?

Navigate to the profile of the person you want to leave feedback for, click the Feedback Stats tab and press the Add Feedback button.
When positive feedback is left by a member for a particular thread, the recipient is notified. That feedback does not add to the recipient's trading total until they return feedback for the same thread.
Then, both traders' totals are updated at the same time.
This feature encourages both parties involved in a trade to leave feedback for one another.