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What is my title and rank status?

A user's title is displayed under their user name in messages, and profile information.

User title ladder
  • Lurker — User has 0 trophy point
  • Newbie — User has 10 trophy points
  • Eminent Member — User has 20 trophy points
  • Estimable Member — User has 50 trophy points
  • Reputable Member — User has 75 trophy points
  • Honorable Member — User has 100 trophy points
  • Famed Member — User has 250 trophy points
  • Illustrious Member — User has 500 trophy points
  • Veteran Member — User has 750 trophy points
  • Mythical Member — User has 1000 trophy points

Check out the Trophies list.

We have ten membership ranks;

Awarded to those who received 200 reactions and created 40 threads at least.​
Awarded to those who received 500 reactions and created 100 threads at least.​
Awarded to those who received 1000 reactions and created 200 threads at least.​
Awarded to those who received 2000 reactions and created 400 threads at least.​
Awarded to those who have shown off his coding skills.​
Awarded to those who have purchased VIP membership.​
Awarded to those who have purchased Diamond membership.​
Awarded to those who have purchased Patron membership.​
Awarded to sellers/buyers who have received 30 positive feedback at least.​

How do I upgrade my account?



1 Month​
3 Months​
6 Months​
12 Months​

How to buy a membership:
  • We accept PayPal and Bitcoin.
  • You can pay with Bitcoin through Account Upgrade, your account upgraded automatically once the transaction has been included in one block.
  • Contact Us or send a PM for PayPal payment.
Before you made a payment, you should consider the following:
  • You must use your PayPal account (DON'T use a cracked account).
  • Your account will be upgraded by an administrator once your payment has been reviewed.
  • All paid memberships are considered "final", and will not be refunded neither full nor partial.
  • Feel free to contact a Staff Member if you have any questions.

What is on the Profile page?

The public profile lists information about the member under various tabs such as recent activity and posts. In addition, there may be the marketplace threads posted by the member.

Your Privacy
You can navigate to privacy to set your privacy options.

What are Profile Posts?
Profile posts are messages posted on a member's profile. They are a method of sending a public message to a particular member and are viewable by everyone who has access to the forum. Members have control over which messages appear on their profiles and can use the Report link to alert moderators to any inappropriate messages posted there.

How do I add a signature?

You can set your signature through the Edit signature page.
Our rules apply to signatures in the same way that they apply to posts.

How do I change my avatar?

Your avatar is the image that accompanies your profile and messages. You can set up your avatar on this page of your account.

Once you have set one up, readers of the forum will start to recognize you and your messages by your avatar.
For this reason, we encourage you to use a high-quality avatar which you are happy to 'represent' you. You may use either a JPG, PNG or GIF.

We support the service which is convenient for managing a single avatar across many of your social websites.

How do I change my profile cover/postbit bg?

Profile cover
You can set or change profile cover using the 'Cover' button in your profile page. Select 'Modify cover image' from the dropdown menu and choose a cover image then move the mouse cursor over the image you put to customize the position. Once you set the cover image position, click the 'Save position' button.

Postbit background
The Postbit background is a background shown under your avatar that accompanies your messages. You can set up your Postbit bg from the 'Postbit background' field on this page of your account.
You must enter a direct link of the image. You may use either a JPG, PNG or GIF.

How do I change my username?

You can click the 'Change' button next to your name in account details page to request a username change.
If you don't see that button, it is because you have either already changed it the maximum of 5 times, or you don't have permission to do so. Please consider the account upgrades to gain the permissions.
Once requested, a moderator will approve or deny your username change request. Name change requests are usually approved and only denied if they break our rules in some way.