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    Welcome to
    ★★★★★~ soussouheros' E SHOP ~★★★★★
    Origin Uplay
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    I am selling a huge amount of game accounts i've cracked/hacked it's been so long and they're still working.
    Origin accounts are almost all with secret question.
    Ask me via PM or by leaving a post in this thread The game(s) you want on the origin and I will reply asap.
    I have battlefield 4 pre order , 3 bc2 , ....Crysis 3 2 1 and a lot more ( almost all games available on origin )
    Uplay accounts are new all of them
    many games are available ask me for the game you want to buy ; I don't have the mail access so you have to share the account with the real owner
    Price : 5 dollars first game then 3 dollars 2nd game then 2 dollars for every extra game
    More accounts to be added soon...
    PM me when you're interested and ready to buy
    All sales are final after the account be yours.

    Payment Via Paypal as gift only

    Each account bought from my Marketplace topic will be given F.O.C account of either Minecraft or Spotify premium as a FREE GIFT
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