☆☆☆ Newest ScrapeBox V1.16.3 Including Video Tutorials ☆☆☆

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    ☆☆☆ ScrapeBox V1.16.3 ☆☆☆
    To my fellow Cracking.org members
    from Palantier


    What is this?

    I am at this moment sharing the latest version of ScrapeBox.
    This program is one of the most powerful SEO tools of its kind! Used by companies and freelancers from all over the world. Users have dubbed it: The Swiss Army Knife of SEO!

    This program is not cracked.
    Rather, it uses a Registration Bypass which makes it possible for you to use it without valid registration credentials. Now you can use all the Plugins available in ScrapeBox as well!
    For example, it has an excellent proxy-scraper plugin which I use often! Its name is Proxy Harvester.
    • Proxy Harvester:​
    • Included Free with ScrapeBox
    • Multi-Threaded Connections
    • Filter by Country
    • Filter by Port
    • Filter by Speed
    • Add Custom Sources
    • Classify Sources
    • Custom Testing URL
    • Auto Save
    • Automator Support

    You can find all the information about the scraper here:

    How do I go on about learning ScrapeBox?!

    You watch these video instructions, and you have a no bullshit studying mentality

    If you need help figuring this program out, hundreds of video tutorials regarding how to use ScrapeBox is found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/looplinescrapebox/videos

    Moreover, here is a video tutorial about how to use the harvester:

    How do I run it without valid registration credentials?!

    You read and you follow these instructions
    1. Download the zip-file which includes all files needed here
      Hidden Content:
      You must 'reply' before you can see the hidden content.
    2. To access the file, you need to input this decryption key:
      Hidden Content:
      You must 'reply' before you can see the hidden content.
    3. Extract it to your directory of choice.​
    4. Find the file named: RegBypass.exe​
    5. This "application" starts up a new window, now you need to double click the file SB-Loader.exe, this starts ScrapeBox up, and you are free to use it however you might want.​
    6. Using ScrapeBox.exe directly won't work.​
    7. Rule the motherfucking World!​
    Is it safe to use?!
    It is, or it isn't. I guarantee it.

    Virustotal finds the zip-file "Suspicious" because of the Registration Bypass file. I did not create it, and I take no responsibility for what might happen if you decide to use it.
    You may study the scan result for yourself following this link:

    You may contact me by PM if you need any help using this.

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    ty mate will test it :D
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    dont work for me :(

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