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  1. La Cocaina

    La Cocaina Banned Scammer

    Cracking Your PW
    Who are we?
    We're a group of individuals who like brute forcing, our "group" contains two members.​
    We are both extremely good crackers, if I had to count up my personal amount of cracked accounts I'd end up at 500K+ accounts.​
    Besides that, we are known for our combolists, dorks, accounts and services. I'm the only supplier of dorks as we speak. ​
    We have over 250+ happy & satisfied customers, where we only received two complaints from the same buyer. ​
    Best achievements?
    My best achievement is probably cracking the twitter "Farcry", you can see on the page itself I actually hit it.​
    On another subject, besides cracking, I SQL injected the football/soccer club "Arsenal". ​
    Store information:
    Our store is currently not an autobuy store, due some issues with my hosting. ​
    These issues will be fixed hopefully on Tuesday, the 28th of April. Please stay tuned.​
    Payment information:
    We accept various amount of payments, such as Bitcoin and PayPal, which are the most commonly used payment gateways. ​
    Besides PayPal and Bitcoin, we take all alt coins (crypto coins) as a payment, as long as they hold value and are accepted on Cryptsy.com.​
    We do take trades, but this has to be discussed first with us. Alt coins, bitcoins & PayPal is an instant yes, trades aren't an instant yes.​
    Premium Accounts:
    1x Mediafire Premium Account -> $0.75
    1x SocialClub with GTAV -> $1
    1x Twitter Account -> $0.02
    1x Amazon Account w/ Recent order (2014) -> $3
    1x Starbucks Account w/ Giftcard balance -> 10% Giftcard balance
    1x Unchecked Steam Account -> $0.05
    1x Unchecked Fiverr Account -> $0.25
    1x Unchecked GoDaddy Account -> $0.40
    1x Unchecked Chaturbate Account -> $0.20
    1x Unchecked Amazon Account (US) -> $0.10
    1x Unchecked Amazon Account (UK) -> $0.20
    I will not sell Netflix, Origin or Minecraft accounts as I assume everyone has these.
    2K Email Password Combolist -> $2
    10K Email Password Combolist -> $8
    20K Email Password Combolist -> $15
    50K Email Password Combolist -> $35
    2K Username Password Combolist -> $4
    10K Username Password Combolist -> $16
    20K Username Password Combolist -> $30
    50K Username Password Combolist -> $60
    Due high request on Username & Password combolists, the price is more expensive.
    Google Dorks:
    1K Mixed Dorks -> $2​
    5K Mixed Dorks -> $8​
    10K Mixed Dorks -> $15​
    20K Mixed Dorks -> $25​
    50K Mixed Dorks -> $40​
    1K Specific Dorks -> $10​
    5K Specific Dorks -> $25​
    10K Specific Dorks -> $40​
    These dorks are highly profitable for SQL injecting websites, please private message me for questions.
    All items will be sold once.​
    If I run out, I will try and restock as soon as possible.​
    Please do not charge back, as we have put work in order to gain this. If you do charge back, you'll gain a scam report.​
    Contacting me can be done by sending me your skype name, email or XMPP. ​
    In case you need me urgently, please add me on skype:​
    Make sure to have the right skype, I have a lot of impersonators! ​
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    Any chance for a Vouch copy of a username combo just let me know ok
  3. Pяɪиcє σƒ Pяeмiuм

    Pяɪиcє σƒ Pяeмiuм Active Member Diamond

    selling leaked stuff???

  4. La Cocaina

    La Cocaina Banned Scammer

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