500 Stock Photos with No Background

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    500 Stock Photos with No Background

    500 Stock Photos with No Background | 2.62 GB
    Cropping photos is the best and worst of both worlds.
    In one hand, cropping photos enables you to place specific objects from one photo​
    into an all-new background or another photo. On the flip side, cropping out backgrounds​
    in some photos can be an excruciating process.​
    For all those times when you just need a quick object to stick into an existing design project,​
    you want to get yourself some background-free stock images. Well,​
    that's exactly what you will get with this Mighty Deal.​
    In fact, you'll get yourself 500 of them!​
    Never worry about running out of time or patience again!
    These 500 stock images from NoBackgroundImages.com contain no backgrounds​
    and can easily be thrown into whatever project you're working on.​
    Even better, at a bundle price of $29, you're paying less than 6 cents per photo!​
    Stock Images Without Backgrounds Bundle Highlights:
    No Backgrounds
    Cropping backgrounds out of photos can be a super timely but often necessary task.​
    Depending on your background or what's behind the main object in your photo,​
    it may be nigh impossible to get it right. With this fantastic Mighty Deal, you'll have yourself​
    a library of photos to go to a moment's notice, without any need for cropping out the backgrounds.​
    500 Stock Images
    Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you an instant toolbox filled with 500 background-free stock photos.​
    That's a veritable arsenal at your fingertips ready to be used for just about any project you come across.​
    Huge Array of Categories
    With 500 different stock photos, you better believe dozens upon dozens of different themes are represented here.​
    You'll find men, women and kids dressed in various outfits, performing all sorts of popular activities like​
    shopping, running, dancing, cheering, holding up signs, acting professionally, and so many more.​
    High Quality
    Every professional photo in this collection comes in at 300 DPI in a PNG format.​
    These high-quality photos can fit into any project, design or website you're currently working on.​
    The photos were originally taken with a Nikon D3 12.8 MPX camera, and are supplied at their maximum size.​
    Royalty Free
    Every photo in this bundle comes with a royalty-free license.​
    That means you can use it on any project you want, whether it's for personal or business use.​
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    thanks man.. this is what i need..
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