Absolute Textures – CityScape

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    Absolute Textures – CityScape

    Absolute Textures – CityScape
    JPEG | Textures | 645 MB
    We have assembled 1081 high resolution digital textures from various cities in North America to bring you Cityscape.
    Building textures, wall textures, window textures, door textures, sign textures, road textures, roof top textures
    and more can be used to create an infinite amount of virtual city scenes.
    What sets this compilation apart from other products on the market is the attention to realism.
    For instance, instead of offering one window that has been tiled out, CityScape offers entire building walls.
    From detailed city scenes to simple 3D buildings game development, architectural renderings,
    and movie sets Cityscape will be a library you will refer to again and again.
    Don’t forget to pick up Townscape as well. It is a great companion product.
    Night Textures Included!
    Product Contents:
    1081 Textures
    Accompanying Alpha Maps
    High Resolution JPG. Format
    347 Buildings
    ( including a selection of night textures )
    109 Roof tops
    12 Vents
    71 Doors
    45 Windows
    19 Brick
    41 Detail
    9 Antenna
    71 Cultured plants
    46 Streets
    34 Roads
    223 Signs
    55 Transportation
    Product Features
    Indexed HTML Catalog
    All contents are in high quality JPEG format
    Seamless Textures
    Architectural visualizations
    General-purpose 2D and 3D computer art
    2D and 3D computer games
    Web content development
    Film industry CGI
    2D Print Media
    Video / TV Productions
    Engineering / Product design and visualization
    Legal animations and renderings
    Hidden Content:
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