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Apr 10, 2013
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-Added timeout settings
*Connect timeout, Send timeout, and Receive timeout under Startup>General
*You can also change the Connect timeout from the work tab
*Hopefully the CPU Usage bug won't come back because of this
-HTTPS proxy works properly (with HTTP Connect)
*I plan on adding a proxy checker eventually that can check for HTTPS proxies
-You can use google chrome instead of the web analyzer now
*You just have to choose where chrome.exe is
*Everytime you want to switch between capturing from the web analyzer, or using chrome normally, you should close and reopen Chrome
*Incognito is a chrome mode that doesnt save history and other data from your chrome session.
-Web analyzer allows HTTPS
*Tricky but i made it work! but in the url bar it wont say https even though it is!
*Sometimes it might say http://usinghttps
*The reason for this is that it is too hard to decrypt the certificate + data between server and client(browser) working as an SSL proxy
*If you want to visit on chrome, type OR type it in hitman as then press use chrome
-Some minor changes
*Added reset counter + reset every time you press start bruteforcing buttons in result
*Fixed right click-->see variable data in shown results
*Added wordlist options to load usernames and passwords from currently loaded lists.
*Fixed UI bug for people whose windows font is changed to medium or larger.
*Added calibri fonts into a folder so you can install them if you dont have clibri font. You just have to right click them all-->install if you dont have the font.
*I know the web analyzer was messing up and lagging the program sometimes.
I cleaned up my code but im afraid the web browser control by microsoft is the real problem and lags on certain pages.
If you try to analyze a page that has this problem, try don't get images. Or use chrome analyzer (never crashed with me yet)


-Potential strings and multi-var lists still not complete
-User Pass manipulation is not ready yet
-I re-included the help file, but it is from version 0.5. I know i need to make a new one, but again im very busy
-I added the megaupload profiles from the older versions of hitman (still works, checked)

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