Adobe Dreamweaver 13.2 Build 6466

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    Adobe Dreamweaver 13.2 Build 6466

    Adobe Dreamweaver 13.2 Build 6466 | 452 MB
    Adobe Dreamweaver CC - new version for creating professional Web sites.
    Software for web design Adobe Dreamweaver CC contains an intuitive visual interface
    for creating and editing websites and mobile applications.
    Use the " rubber layouts (Fluid Grid Layouts) with cross-platform support for creating pages.
    Browse layouts in the panel " multi-screen viewing " before publication.
    New features in Dreamweaver CC:
    CSS Designer:
    Introducing an intuitive visual editing tool that helps you generate clean, web-standard code
    and lets you quickly apply CSS properties like gradients and box shadows.
    Design view updates immediately to display style changes as you make them.
    Part of Creative Cloud:
    With Dreamweaver CC — part of Creative Cloud — your creative process becomes seamless,
    intuitive, and more connected.
    Get it as a single-app subscription or with a Creative Cloud complete membership,
    which also includes every other Adobe creative tool.
    Work better together:
    The power of Creative Cloud is now available for teams.
    You get 5x more cloud storage per person, expert support‡, collaboration
    and sharing features, and flexible, easy-to-use license management tools.
    Version Features :
    Type : set ( original package ) .
    Languages: Russian , English .
    Cut: nothing.
    Treatment: held .
    * In case of improper installation , the installer will report an error code (Exit code)
    and offer to see the log file settings.
    Command line options:
    Quiet setting with Russian interface version : / S / R
    Silent Installation with English interface version : / S / E
    Also possible to select the directory for installation: After all the keys you need
    to add / D =% path% Example: fayl_ustanovki.exe / S / E / D = C: \ Adobe
    Hidden Content:
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    good share
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    Does it work?

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