AKVIS AirBrush v2.0.200.9905 for Adobe Photoshop

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    AKVIS AirBrush v2.0.200.9905 for Adobe Photoshop


    AKVIS AirBrush v2.0.200.9905 for Adobe Photoshop | 30 MB

    AKVIS AirBrush - new plug-in (and a separate program), which allows to convert a photo into a drawing made in the technique of airbrushing. Airbrushing - is a non-contact technique of drawing on any surface with an airbrush, spray paint. It allows you to put light subtle touches, play small parts or get blurred contours. The end result looks stylish and impressive, the perception of it can be close to photography, and painting.

    Airbrushing gives scope for creativity and allows you to use different types of paint: oil, acrylic, gouache, watercolor and even ink. Now this technique is very popular, airbrush paintings are everywhere. Pattern can be applied to any surface, but the most widespread application of airbrushing has received in the automotive industry, where it is widely used for decorating cars, motorcycles and helmets. You can also paint the mobile phone, computer, or home appliances, paint the walls and clothing.
    Airbrushing allows you to turn an ordinary object into an artistic masterpiece. This technique has become a new trend in contemporary art. Airbrush paintings look beautiful and well-preserved, striking clarity and detail.

    With AKVIS AirBrush can automatically convert any photo into a work of art. The program acts as an art filter, changing the image and turning it into a aerographic pattern according to your preferences. No need to perform complex manual work, draw lines and details with tools. Simply select one of the presets or play with the settings effect. The program will do everything herself!

    AKVIS AirBrush equipped with a set of ready-made presets (40 presets), which facilitate and accelerate the introduction to the program and ease of use. Presets can be used as is, or, based on preset, change the settings to your liking. Import / export presets allows you to not only save different combinations of settings for future use, but also to share with other fans of the blanks of this impressive artistic technique.

    The program supports batch file processing, ie the ability to automatically use the same settings to a series of photos, which is very handy when you need to make a lot of images in the same style or create a cartoon or comic strip of the video (with the help of time-lapse).

    AKVIS AirBrush can be used as an independent program (standalone) and as an additional module to graphical editors (plugin), such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, etc.

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