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Discussion in 'Declined' started by dartxxq, Apr 1, 2014.

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    Hello Admin
    I'am applying for GFX Team

    Your Name: dartxxq
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    One of my daily routine is to check various sites looking for great graphic template, tutorials...
    Because of that I think it could help a lot for GFX section, because I've been able to regularly add quality content. I am not great cracker or hacker, but I have some level of experience in that field and good will to learn more.
    But I am good graphic and web designer and I can help a lot in this field.

    Here is My Work:

    Some of tutorials:
    Some of GFX tools:
    Some of my premium accounts:
    Some of my tutorials in other topic:
    And some of my other work:
    I am VIP in this moment, but really would like to consider to join me toGFX Team after my vip expire. I will continue to add new content regardless of whether my application to GFX team is accepted or not, but I'd really like if you consider and accept this application.

    Thanks in Advance
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    where is your GFX work???... like Banner...Logo... user Rank... Signature
    u share only Tutorial... tools and accounts

    first show your GFX skill after apply for GFX Team

    Check my GFX work on Graphics Showoff Section
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