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    Hello CrackingCore!

    My name is Wolved.
    Recently I coded myself a scraper which is optimized in making Combolists for Gaming.

    The game I specifically use it for is League of Legends and I get around 20 Level 30s per 25k List.
    My prices are very good in regarding the quality you are getting.

    To place an order please fill out the form below.

    What Region are you focusing on? (NA, EUW, OCE, BR, EUNE, Any Region!)
    How big the list? (25k, 50k & 100k Only)

    Here are the prices for the list count:
    25k - $10.00
    50k - $18.00
    100k - $30.00
    These prices are not fixed so I am able to negotiate if needed.

    Thanks! I am willing to give out ONE vouch copy to a trusted member. Thanks!

    Here is also some picture proof of a 25k list I am currently cracking at the moment for EUNE!
    I will post a picture of the amount of level 30s I get in the list when done!
    Heres the results from 9 Hits I got from one of my 25k Lists:
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    Vouch for Wolved, Great man :)

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