BTC: PayPal Accounts w/High Balances.

Discussion in 'Completed Sales' started by Sublime, Mar 5, 2015.

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    Selling PayPal Accounts w/Balance's

    Hello all,

    PorkSoda - Leader of #CRIMINALS is back once again to bring you another FUCKING AMAZING opportunity. I have been spending my last few weeks diligently perfecting a next level config to crack paypal accounts, at blazing fast fucking speed. What I have to offer is 100% un-touched cracked paypal accounts w/various known balances. I have only cracked the accounts 1 time, so they have been hit w/1 different IP then they are used for, this does not draw any red flags w/PayPal what-so-ever.

    What does all this mean for you? Well, I wish I could describe the way money smells when you're drowning in it, but I just can't find a pool big enough to fill with all this cracked PayPal balances yet!!!

    -PayPal, you ask?? Well that will never work you say... Owner will just CHARGEBACK, and we will ALL lose our money, PORKSODA, YOU ARE A SCAMMER.... I INSIST, Children.. I AM NOT. Wink Work with me, and I will explain how the process works. Your successfully transferred funds will not be able to be recovered.


    This is a VERY vague list of what I am working with..
    Again, this is only searching for the following: $2, it gets really fun when we change that 2 to a different number.

    - Due to the super high risk sales going on, I will not be going first PERIOD. We can use a Middleman but it must be pre approved
    - This is a BTC only deal. with my explanation of how to make this work for you, theres no reason you can't make this work for yourself.
    - Inexperienced buyers are limited to UNDER $100 accounts. I am not here to hold your hand - I DONT HAVE TIME FOR IT.

    Prices are really reasonable, I will let a $100 USD account go for $20 in Bitcoin, do the math. That's 20%, higher orders get a better deal ofc.
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    Sorry not allow
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