Cracking Community Marketplace Rules

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    Cracking Community Marketplace Rules

    We just added some restrictions to marketplace, to be able to create a sales thread you must meet the below conditions.
    • Registered at least 30 days ago.
    • You're an Active Member, VIP, Diamond or higher rank.
    • For normal members, you must have 'Advanced Member' title, see this thread for more info Ratio System.

    1. Add your sales in one thread.

    2. Add proofs of your sales and full description about it e.g. account is Legit, Illegal or Cracked.

    3. Don't use words such as cheap, low price, etc.

    4. You may only bump your thread once every 48 hours.

    5. You should give a copy of the stuff you're selling to any staff member to vouch for you on your thread (Optional). This may help you to increase your sales.

    6. Not allowed to sell PayPal; Cards; Bank Accounts; Porn Accounts.

    7. Report your thread when the sale is completed.

    8. Report all scams and fraudulent activity to staff immediately.

    9. We always move inactive threads to completed sales section if the last message older than three months.

    10. takes NO responsibilities on ANY transaction that occurs at any time.

    Keep a track on the rules it can be changed any time.
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