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    As suggested by @Jacob I will wait for new version of IPB and then will work on detailed theme. For now this is what I done theming. It's not bad almost every element is changed. Also there is something what's not changed. I don't want waste time on this theme. When new version of IPB will come out soon. When it knock on door I will be first to work on new theme.

    Changelog form beta to final:

    - Almost all buttons are flat.
    - Reputation system background is flat and I put new color on it
    - Avatar broder are deleted
    - Popular tags now are flat
    - Recent topis now are flat
    - Latest posts now are flat
    - Statistic now are flat
    - Bottom header is flat
    - Header texture deleted now everything is bleded with body
    - Navigation bar new hovev
    - Navigation flat background
    - Post author & post body merged in one color
    - BIGGER Like this button
    - Topic name and infos now don't have background it's flated with body.

    Tutorial to apply theme:

    Install Stylish for Chrome or Firefox
    Chrome: https://chrome.googl...jfgmeleoegfcffe
    Firefox: https://addons.mozil.../addon/stylish/

    Chrome tutorial:

    1. When you install stylish click on button on right up corner.
    2. Click on Manage installed style
    3. Click on Write New Style button
    4. Enter your desired name in name box on left up corner.
    5. Paste CSS code from links bellow.
    6. Click Specify and then open drop down menu and click on URLs starting with.
    7. Enter in URL box and press ADD.
    8. Refresh CC website and ENJOY.

    For Firefox you just paste code in big box and that's it. But there is a problem you can't specify website so CSS code is applying to all website you open.
    So I recommand using Chrome for this theme.

    Chrome CSS code:
    Firefox CSS code:


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