Creative PortraitPainting Techniques for Photoshop

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    Creative Portrait - Painting Techniques for Photoshop

    Creative PortraitPainting Techniques for Photoshop
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    Scott Deardorff is happy to introduce the second installment in his MASTERING THE DIGITAL CANVAS Photoshop training series. LESSON TWO: CREATIVE PORTRAIT-PAINTING TECHNIQUES FOR PHOTOSHOP will demonstrate Scotts state-of-the-art techniques for transforming photographs of people into painted masterpieces primarily with the smudge tool and introduce you to the newest Photoshop painting features. Included on this DVD are all the brushes image files and other tools necessary to follow along and learn.

    Youll learn how to:
    - Combine the smudge tool with Photoshops other creative tools to paint amazing portraits of people
    - Paint all the basic portrait elements including skin facial features hair and clothing
    - Create from scratch painted background and foreground elements
    - Add incredible painted detail to your portraits of people
    - Add texture and brushstrokes to your paintings for an authentic natural-media look

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