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Discussion in 'Archive' started by hugo200, Feb 9, 2014.

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    Hi crackingcore,

    i am hugo and i decided to post my first ( and last) request.I know what i request is not that simple to get but hey i know that this forum has the best crackers ever on earth.

    My request is as the title sais a CyberGhostVPN account.The reason why i request this site is because this is one of the best vpn sites around the internet.I know this forum is above all a place where you crackers share you premium hits of different hosters.But one time i saw galaxy posting a cyberghost acc on here but it is unfortunately expired.

    I really hope you crackers see this thread and will try to do your best for me :)Its the only request i will make here and if it will be completed i will even more like this forum more than ever.

    To more clarify the account type there are two packages on cyberghost - Premium and Premium Plus.For me it doesnt matter what type of acc it is. As long the account duration is more than 24 hours and working then i am happy :p

    Thanks in advance,

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