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    Payment Methods
    Bitcoin & Amazon Gift Cards
    If you do not have Bitcoin, but you have Paypal go to https://blockchain.info/ and create an account.
    Once you have an account, log in and it will give you a Bitcoin address to send and receive Bitcoin.
    From there just go to the Marketplace and find someone to exchange your Paypal for Bitcoin.
    Q) How are these accounts obtained?
    A) Cracked by myself.

    Q) How long do the accounts last?
    A) They are cracked accounts, I have no idea.

    Q) Any warranty on the accounts?
    A) No, they are cracked accounts and I have no control over how long they last.

    Q) Do you have any of these accounts?
    A) I only have the accounts listed. So please don't ask.
    To any of my buyers that spend $3.00 or more in one day at my shop, you will receive
    a free account of YOUR choice as long as I have one in stock. If not you can choose
    Once you have chosen the account you want, PM me with your email address and transaction ID's
    along with the type of account you want. I'll verify and if you were telling the truth the account is yours.
    If you have any issues with an account, feel free to add me on Skype.
    When you send the request put your username from here in the request.
    I appreciate everybody for their business, and do give away free accounts
    to some of my buyers from time to time. Much love everybody!

    Layout - (amount) TypeOfAccount: Price (Auto Buy Link)
    Newly Added Accounts
    (1) NBA League Pass: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) Gamestop 10k-17k Points: $2.00 (Auto Buy)
    (1) Gamestop 9k-5k Points: $1.00 (Auto Buy)
    (1) NHL Gamecenter: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (46) CrunchyRoll Premium Bundle: $8.50 (Auto Buy)
    (35) Netflix Bundle: $5.50 (Auto Buy)
    (20) CBS Bundle Deal: $3.50 (Auto Buy)
    (40) Spotify Premium Account Bundle: $5.50 (Auto Buy)
    Steaming TV Accounts
    (3) DirectedTV: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) PlayOn.tv Lifetime: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Plex.tv Paid Subscription: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) Plex.tv Lifetime Account: $1.34 (Auto Buy)
    (2) HBO Now: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (5) CBS All Access: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Hulu Plus: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (5) Netflix: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Sports Accounts
    (1) NBA League Pass: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) NHL Gamecenter: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) TennisTV: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) ESPN Insider: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) NFL Gamepass U.S Account: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) MLB.tv 2015 Premium Yearly: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) MLS Soccer: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (3) WWE Network: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (1) UFC.tv: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Gaming Accounts
    (1) Gamestop 10k-17k Points: $2.00 (Auto Buy)
    (1) Gamestop 9k-5k Points: $1.00 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Direct2Drive: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (5) Origin: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Music Streaming Accounts
    (2) Rhapsody Premier: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Deezer Premium+: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Spotify Premium: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Anime Accounts
    (3) CrunchyRoll Premium: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Misc Accounts
    (1) StudyMode Premium Recurring Access: $5.00 (Auto Buy)
    (1) StudyMode Contributor Access: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (3) Craigslist Account: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    (2) Scribd Premium: $0.50 (Auto Buy)
    Z0neyDanza's BTC Dominos Shop
    All accounts will have at least 60 points on them to use.
    60 points will get you a medium, two topping pizza.

    All accounts will be checked BEFORE they are sent over.
    There will be NO refunds, because they will be 100%
    working before they ever get in your hands. What you
    do with the account after that is on you.

    There is no auto buy for these because I need
    to make sure they work before you buy. Hope
    you all understand. Want you all to get what you pay for.
    Price: $1.50 BTC
    Stock: 24
    If you want to buy two at a time you can use
    Amazon Gift Cards as payments.

    $5 Amazon Gift Card for 3 accounts.
    PM me if you want to buy an account.
    I'll check it, then send you my BTC address.
    After I get the payment, I'll send the account.
    The account WILL be checked before you pay!
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