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    Proxy types
    their are 3 types of Anonymity Level 1 (BEST), Level 2 (Good) and Level 3 (Bad)​

    Level 1 anonymity (also called high anonymous or elite) proxies hide your IP and hide the fact that you are using a proxy.​
    Level 2 anonymity (or just anonymous) proxies hide your IP but it can be detected that you are using a proxy.
    Level 3 anonymity (transparent) proxies will leak your real IP address and the IP of the proxy.​
    Note:Everything you see below this line is not made by me i may change it a bit​
    Detailed version
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    Transparent Proxies (Level 3)
    Transparent Proxies are the type of proxies that forwarddetailed information about you including your IP address to the target server you are connecting to, thus it provides almost no level of anonymity.Such proxiesare also known as caching proxies because their intended purposeis to cache the data that is exchanged between the servers in order to speed up the Internet within the organization.​
    Transparent proxies are not entirely useless for all purposes, because your IP address is still technically "hidden"from the target server, it's just that it would be very easy for them to find it out.For example, let's pretend you are usinga transparent proxy which has an IP address of your real IP address was that situation, this is how your request would appear to a target server:​
    you would see this crazy all capital stuff in a proxy judge what's a proxy judge you may say well simple it judges what type of proxy you are using for example frozen proxy checker uses a proxy judge to check proxies (i think)​
    HTTP_X_PROXY_ID = 1522885065
    HTTP_VIA = 1.1 (Mikrotik HttpProxy), 1.1 proxy4.wasantara.net.id (squid/3.2.2)
    HTTP_CONNECTION = keep-alive
    As you can see, the proxy first identifies itself as a Mikrotik HttpProxy by sending an additional HTTP_VIA headerthe variable REMOTE_ADDR which holds the IP address of a visitorinstead shows the IP of a proxy, however it does store your real IP address inside other header variables,in this case it's inside HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR.​
    Anonymous Proxies (Level 2)
    Anonymous Proxiesor sometimes known as distorting proxiescan provide a sufficient level of anonymity and are thus considered tobe useful for most purposes.This type of proxy does not reveal your IP address to a server, howeverthe server will know that the connection was made through a proxybecause of the additional information that is sent with each request.Anonymous Proxies usually identify themselves by attaching additional headers to each request such as:​
    HTTP_CLIENT_IP = ...
    In order for a proxy to be anonymous, none of those headers should contain your real IP addressotherwise such proxy isn't considered to be anonymous, and instead it is a transparent proxy.​
    Elite Proxies (Level 1)
    Elite or High Anonymity Proxies are consideredto be the bestbecause they provide the absolute highest level of anonymity.When using this type of proxy, the server you are connecting to has no ideathat the connection was made through a proxy nor does it know your real IP address.​
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    nice information for new people to read :)
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