Digital Tutors - Building a Logo for a Law Firm in Illustrator


May 12, 2013
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n this collection of lessons walk through the process of building a logo for a Law Firm. We will get started by examining our concept sketch and looking at the best way to build our logo. Because our logo features an interlocking puzzle pattern we will focus first on the best way to go about building this portion of the graphic. In doing this, we will learn how to use some really great tools for building custom shapes, including the Illustrator shape builder tool as well as the pathfinder panel. From here, we will shift our focus to the type in our logo by integrating a letterform into the center of our graphic. Not only will we learn how to execute this but also why the target typeface was chosen. To wrap things up we will prepare our logo for presentation by adding color and utilizing it several different scenarios. After finishing this course, you will have a good understanding the mechanics that go into constructing a logo in Adobe Illustrator.​



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