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    Detailed Info Of Twitter User Activity By TinfoLeak. Its working on python platform where its grab all the information of any Twitter users

    Tinfoleak is a simple Python script that allow to obtain:

    • basic information about a Twitter user (name, picture, location, followers, etc.)
    • devices and operating systems used by the Twitter user
    • applications and social networks used by the Twitter user
    • place and geolocation coordinates to generate a tracking map of locations visited
    • show user tweets in Google Earth!
    • download all pics from a Twitter user
    • hashtags used by the Twitter user and when are used (date and time)
    • user mentions by the the Twitter user and when are occurred (date and time)
    • topics used by the Twitter user

    You can filter all the information by:

    1. start date / time
    2. end date / time
    3. keywords

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