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    At first I was just considering making a long list of tools and websites that can help you find information about people - I will still do that - but now, I'll also write a big comprehensive guide that you can follow, if you wanna dox somebody. Doxing is really simple once you get the hang of it. There is not a lot you can do, to get better at doxing, instead of getting a bigger view of your tools on the internet and gaining more patience. Patience is key to doxing. If you end up with a lot of results, you must have patience to check through them all and compare with what you have to see if one fits. At some point it will, and you will have succesfully doxed someone.

    Before I begin the actual guide, let me tell you what doxing actually is. "DOX" is an internet acronym or internet slang for "Documents". When someone is "doxing" a subject, the person is finding as much information about the subject as possible; the person is trying to find the subject's "Documents" through the free tools you have on the internet. The subject is mostly a person. But why would someone do that? There are many reasons - some of which you can see on 4chan. If someone really pisses 4chan off, they will all start finding information about the person and post it around the internet and wait for the harm to happen. However, in personal uses, it might just be used for blackmailing and not life-ruining.
    It's a very powerful tool; to find a bunch of information about someone and to threaten by posting it around the internet, and should not be used for those purposes. What's paradoxical about this is that the information, you find through doxing, already IS on the internet for people to find. The harm lies in that you put the pieces of information together to make a whole identity - which then can cause the damage.

    How to DOX
    Enough about that. Let's get to the part of how we dox people. To tell you the truth: anyone can do it. It's 90% use of internet tools, 9% patience and 1% intelligence of putting the pieces together i.e. comparing information. Firstly, you will need to know ONE thing about your 'victim'. It's quite easy to figure out that if you dont know anything about the victim, it's literally impossible to find something about them since it could be anyone. So you need to have one information about the victim. This could be a name, phone number, email, picture, friend, location etc. Once you know something about the person, use the list below to paste the information and see what the tool can find for you. Use the information you get from that tool in another tool and keep going. Make a notepad file containing all the information you figure out. I assume you've seen some 'doxes' before including name, address, bla bla bla.
    Here's the list (I'm aware that some sites appear more than once, but they can be used in many cases):

    • Get their IP:
    A nice and easy way to get the IP address of a target that clicks your link.
    If your target has sent you an email, this guide shows you how to get the IP address out of it.

    • Name lookup:
    Facebook is a great way to discover people by their names, pictures, friends, locations etc. Use this to your advantage. Always use Facebook when you're doxing someone.
    A great and very comprehensive people search. It can help you get information about the person's social sites etc. Works very good with usernames.
    A very good and big search engine. Find people by their name and location and get their phone numbers, addresses, work, school, pictures etc.; whatever is available on the internet.
    Very good search engine for specific places: Sweden, The Netherlands etc. - works fine with the entire world too.
    A very good people search engine as well. Good for phone numbers, emails, usernames and addresses too. Although it often wants you to pay a small fee to get the information.
    As well as Google, I had to list Yahoo. I'm a Google man myself, but Yahoo works just as fine. Bing can be used too if you prefer that.
    Also a very good people search. Can be used to find social sites for usernames as well.
    Excellent search engine!.. If you live in Europe. Best one for Europeans I must say. Works very well, saves your search credentials just plain good.
    If you know what your target works with, this is a fine way to find the person. Except for that it just gives you basic results that a Google search would give to you. (UK only)
    I must be honest and say that I've never had to dox someone from the UK except for a ex-friend, but I think this is very VERY good at the job. (US only)
    Not the best search engine. Got the name and state? Then it tries to find your person. (US only)
    I'm not sure if is just an extension of and, but it works fine and is very nice to look at if you're into that kinda thing. (US only)
    A good search engine as well to find more information about someone as long as you have their name and location. Good for criminal and public records as well. (US only)
    Not the best people search engine out there, but it's alright. (US only)
    A very fine criminal record lookup. (US only)
    The official whitepages - very good lookup. Definitely use this. (US only)
    Good at running background checks. Still not the best though. (US only)
    I dont like intelius. It's supposed to be good, but I dont see it. (US only)
    Zabasearch is supposed to be good too - I just never found it that useful. It doesn't find anything else than the other sites dont.
    http://www.people-fi...s/processor.asp (US only)
    Unfortunately, I've never got to use this - but by the data you give, I think it's very good at finding.. Something! (US only)
    Use for free? Sucks. Register and use? Good. (US only)
    Average lookup, does the job but not better than the others. It might be an extension of white- and yellowpages as well. (US only)
    Find arrested people. (US only)
    Free public records lookup - works fine.

    • Email lookup:
    Very good lookup to find information from an email, but it does cost a small fee to use.
    http://www.intelius....erse-email.html (US only)

    • URL lookup:

    • IP lookup:, or

    • Username lookup:
    Also listed under name and phone lookups because it's a very wide and good lookup. Works great with usernames.
    Very good at finding social sites that a username is taken.

    • Address lookup:
    http://www.peoplefin.../address-search (US only) (US only)
    It's not the best - but not the worst either. (US only) (US only) (US only) (US only)

    • Phone number lookup:
    http://www.infobel.c...ld/default.aspx (US only)
    Unfortunately, Pipl only works with American phone numbers. Otherwise it's a great tool for usernames and names in general. or (US only) (US only)
    Not the most comprehensive phone lookup out there, but it does a good job. (US only)
    Good at the job. Can be used to find people by names as well. (US only) (US only) (US only) (US only) (US only) (US only) (US only)
    http://phonenumbers....verselookup.php (US only)

    • Business lookup: (UK only) (US only) (US only) (US only)

    • Social security number lookup:
    https://www.peoplefi...people/ssn.aspx (US only)

    • Picture lookup:

    Most importantly we have Google to aid us. Google is the most important site of all. Once you cant get any more information about your target from these sites - use Google! Google is the best tool to find information or connections between anything.
    I'm not saying that you should use all the different sites, I've listed - I dont even do that. I'm saying that you should pick the ones you like the most and use them as preferences. If they dont give anything and there's no possible way you can get more information, then you can use all the other sites. Yet, if you're some programming expert and you make a program that combinds all these search engines together - feel free to do so, but I'd like a copy of that program please!

    House plans
    The first thing you need in order to get the plans to the house is have the correct address. You can get it from the websites linked above. Make sure (somehow) that the address is correct. You also need the person's full name. This can also help you find the building.
    Now, look in the white pages in the government section of the city that the address of your "victim" is in - you're looking for the title, "Zoning Information". These are the people that keep tabs on which properties are for sale, who lives in them, etc. Call the number to the zoning information and ask for a district number and a land lot number. These are VERY important - write them down. Next, give the person you're speaking to the address that you're looking for, then he'll give you a land lot number and district number. This is what you need. Now, call the city's planning department, give them the land lot number and district number and ask for about the structure on that land. The person will talk nonsense for a minute about the structure and shit - dont listen - just make sure to ask to get a copy of the plans.
    Next up is your alibi. Look in the yellow pages for a lawyer. It'd be nice if he's close to you. Go there and make up some bullshit to talk to him about - and get some of his business cards as well. That's important.
    Then go to the planning department wearing something that resembles a college intern (shirt, tie, slacks, whatever). Ask for the plans. They'll probably ask you why you need the plans and this is where you explain them the situation: your boss (the lawyer) has an injury of some sort and he needs them for evidence. Something along those lines; just make it believable. Hand the person the business card if they ask for ID. Now, let them take the copy the plans.

    Cut off person's utilities
    To cut off a person's utilities you will need the person's name, address and phone number. You should be able to get all of those by using the tools above.
    When you got those, call the utilities department and this is approx. what you want to say:
    OPERATOR: "This is (your city) utilities department, how may I help you?"
    YOU: "My mother/father/grandparent(s) recently died and I need their utilities cut off".
    OPERATOR: "Ok, what is her/his name?"
    YOU: "(name of person) at (address of person)."
    OPERATOR: "Where would you like to send the bill to?"
    YOU: "Send the bill to me at (make up a name andaddress)"
    OPERATOR: "Ok Mr. (whatever), the utilities at (the person(s) name) (address) will be shut off in (whatever time they tell you) and the bill will be sent to you at (the fake address you gave them)."
    That's all there is to it.

    Get person's records
    There are three types of records you can get: hospital, police and school records. You either have to know which hospitals, police departments or school the "victim" went or are going to. You can use the lawyer business cards once again here.
    Call up the hospital or police department - dont use 911 that's important - and ask for the records department. Tell them the name of your victim and say that you're representing them in a case that is upcoming. Let them know that you are sending your assistant as well to pick them up.
    You need a medical record authorization letter in order to get the medical records. So here's a sample I found for you:



    YOU ARE HEREBY authorized and directed to permit the examination of, and the copying of reproduction in any manner, whether mechanical, photographic, or otherwise, by my attourney, (put attorney's name, address here) or such other person as he may authorize, of all or any portion desired by him of the following;

    (a) Hospital records, x-rays, x-ray readings and reports, laboratory records and reports, all test of any type, character and reports thereof, statement of charges, and any and all of my records pertaining to the hospitalization, history, condition, treatment, diagnosis, prognosis, etiology or expense.

    You are further authorized and directed to furnish oral and written reports to my attorney, or his delegate, as requested by him on any of the foregoing matters. By reasons of the facts that such information that you have acquired as my physician or surgeon is confidential and requested not to furnish any of such information in any form to anyone, without written authorization form me. I also authorize my attorney or his delegate to photograph my person while I am present in any hospital. I further authorize the sending of medical and hospital bills to my attorney, and in the event of recovery by trial or settlement to allow my attorney to withhold an amount sufficient to cover these bills and to make payment directly to you and to deduct the same from any recovery which may be due me.

    Once you ask for the records and present the form, they will hand it over to you. Keep in mind that you can use the same format to get police records, just change all the medical stuff to relate to police records.

    After you've doxed your victim - use the information in the manner you want. It's not illegal to gather the information since it's free and on the internet. It's however illegal to blackmail or threaten someone as well as posting information about someone on the internet.
    How do you get better and faster at doxing? You might write scripts that can combind some of the search engines together to make it to a whole (let me know if you do that be the way - that would be fucking awesome), but there's not that much you can do to get better. When you dox someone .. think creatively. See the dots and connect them - that's all it takes.

    Protect yourself
    There are many ways to protect yourself on the internet, but in order to protect yourself from being doxed, you must be careful to use your information in different places and to use the same usernames etc. If you use the same usernames everywhere, it's easier for a 'doxer' to find your different accounts, match them up, and start comparing information and building your identity. Firstly, find ALL the sites you dont use anymore, log in, and delete your account. If you cant delete it then hide all the information you've given from the public. If that doesn't work either then contact the owners of the website and ask them if they'll delete your account. Secondly, go to all the sites you currently use and hide every information you can from the public. Make it so only YOUR friends on facebook can interact with you. Otherwise, a hacker could befriend one of your friends and then see your information.
    On this site: you can see if anyone's searching your phone number and on Google alerts (, you can make it so that Google alerts you if your name or username etc. pops up anywhere.

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