Dropbox Pro PREMIUM (5TB Storage/year) |(Cost Normally $750.00)

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    Upgrade any free account to Dropbox Pro 5tb, 10tb or more for a very good price
    Contact me on Skype for more information
    [SIZE=x-large]Frequently asked questions:[/SIZE]​

    1) Will my account be banned?
    I have sold over 50 accounts in the space of 3 months others forum
    and I have never once had anyone complain that they've had an issue with
    their account, so basing my answer on that, no.

    2) Does your method involve carding?
    No, I wouldn't even think about selling a product on here that was obtained
    through using other people's credit cards.

    3) Do you have to log in to my account?
    For me to upgrade your account using my method, I will have to log in to your
    account, I am not
    interested in your personal uploads.

    4) How long does this last?
    These upgrades are yearly, as soon as I upgrade your account you will
    have the Pro upgrade for one year, after that you have to upgrade it again.
    Rules :
    ~ I'm not going first for any reason .
    ~ All sales are final .
    They are not cracked, 100% legit
    Contact me on Skype : telechargementz
    I accept only Paypal
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