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    Step 1 - Create your free account on Latium

    Step 2 - Refer friends to earn even more. Ali will appear on the site your affiliate link and several banners, as well as a detailed report of its indications.

    Step 3 - OK, you already have joined in Latium Latium but has not yet address. For that, you need to download the Software Wallet Latium, where you will get your Latium address. After installing, open the program and go to the "Receive coins" tab. There appear ... Copy your address!

    Step 4 - Now that you have the address latium, check there site click on "Reports" and "Payouts to me." Latium paste your address and tell them you want to receive your lats. Wait for the payment that is made within 24 or 48 hours. Your message will appear payment request was sent there just wait. Remember ... enter the address of the wallet of Latium software and not the Coin-Swap.Se you leave the software open, you will receive an alert informing you received. The program shows all your transactions.

    Step 5 - OK! Now that you have received your lats in Latium your address, it's time to exchange for bitcoins. Create a free account at Coin-Swap, which is a site of exchange of currencies. Send your lats for Coin-Swap. Click on "Send coins" program (wallet Latium) tab and paste the address entered in latium Coin-Swap.

    Step 6 - Finally, you now have the balance LAT Coin-Swap, then go in column "BTC Markets" and "LAT" to turn your bitcoins in LAT. That done, you now have the bitcoin balance Coin-Swap and may request payment for your bitcoin address.

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