GPT / PTC Money Earn free BTC, LTC, FTC and other cryptocurrencies every 24 hours by doing absolutely nothing!

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    Most of you know of freebitcoin and other free bitcoin faucets but they are just too time consuming and can be annoying to keep up with every hour if your not around. This is a website that gives out a small amount of several different cryptocurrencies everyday for doing nothing but a sign up. There is no spam to your email (I can provide proof) and day by day the amount of coins increase.

    It is a referral website so please sign up using my link, it helps me earn more. If you PM me i will teach you ways to get more referrals. The more people you get to sign up the more coins you get. The website is still in beta but it functioning perfectly so check it out now because it is going to last for awhile. Plus you can unlock permanent daily bonuses and multipliers of 5%, 10%, 20% all the way up to 1250%. This multi-coin faucet functionality is step one of a much larger plan to eventually become a leading cryptocurrency platform.

    The companies primary objective in step one is to educate people and making it (very) easy for them to get started with cryptocurrencies.

    Some payment proof:

    Signing up is free. Simply sign-up today and we will credit your account with 0.00000250Bitcoins , 0.00007672 Litecoins and 0.00604839 FeatherCoins. Furthermore, we will add more coins to your account every single day.

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