Easy Money- Bitcoin mining- Triplemining Guide! W pics

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    So I have been seeing a couple questions on how to get started bitcoin mining in a pool and I am going to share how to do one of the most easy and most profitable ways. With Bitcoin prices over 100$ each now is a great time to start.

    Your first going to want to go to the pool site which is triplemining (best payouts)

    http://goo.gl/SKCZIThis is the sign up link I will explain more later

    Now that we have a account head to the workers page and add a new worker. (don't make it too long)

    Now that you have a account for the pool its time to set up the miner

    I am going to assume that this is your first time mining and you have no idea what to do. Start by going here to

    Easy Money- Bitcoin mining- Triplemining Guide! W pics.zip

    Easy Money- Bitcoin mining- Triplemining Guide! W pics.zip

    You will want to install this and put it somewhere you can access it again
    Run Guiminer in the folder and you should see something like this [​IMG]

    [size=large]We will now make a new miner (if you got a message saying no open cl devices you need to update your drivers for your grapgics card. If you don't know what type you have open start and type dxdiag and you should find it.

    Make any name for it and now click on server and find Triplemining, then enter your username and password for your worker and select your device to mine on. You can select as many cores to mine on as you want, the more you check the more you can mine. (remember your username is your account_worker like this)

    Now click view at the top and click show summary, check mark autostart and click start
    You should be mining now, If you get connection problems make sure you enter your workers details right.

    You should be mining like a champ and remember that team you joined earlier well it earns a 1% bonus for whatever the miners get. If you join and mine in my team I will do a giveaway every 2 weeks giveing it all away which with enough people could become a good amount.

    Any questions or troubles Pm me and I will get back to you

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