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    The World’s Most Popular Bitcoin and Litecoin Game!

    Eden Dice’s one of a kind Dice Game!

    Anyone up for some Instant Lottery? Try your luck!

    30% of our profits given back!

    What is the giveaway ?

    That’s the easy part. We will be giving away 30 % of our profits. EVERY 24hrs.

    How do I take part ?

    That’s even easier. Visit EdenDice, register and begin playing.

    How does it work ?

    Every 24 hours Eden Dice will give away 30% of their profits evenly distributed between our active user base.

    What can I do with the funds I have been given?

    That is entirely up to you. You can either continue playing or withdraw it and use it yourself!

    When does this promotion end?


    What are you waiting for?

    Affiliate Program

    How does it work?

    The referral program will allow for you to gain a profit share depending on your Tier. The referral system will work as follows:

    The Tiers are calculated using the amount of total profit from your referred players. You will receive a percentage of the House’s Profits yielded by their referred players.

    • Bonze Tier - 10 % of referred players losses ( House Profits )
    o Up to 25 Bitcoin per month.
    o Up to 1000 Litecoin per month.

    • Silver Tier - 15% of referred players losses ( House Profits )
    o Between 25 and 50 Bitcoin per month.
    o Between 1000 and 2000 Litecoin per month.

    • Gold Tier - 20% of referred players losses ( House Profits )
    o In excess of 50 Bitcoin per month.
    o In excess of 2000 Litecoin per month.

    These tiers and profit shares would remain for as long as the referred player spends on our site. You will always earn a profit share on an active referred player. Each and every player has the capability to have access to a referral link.

    Payouts are done on a weekly basis.

    How do I find my referral link?

    Log onto EdenDice.
    Click on Account.
    Click on the Affiliate tab.
    Copy your unique affiliate link.
    Send it to all your friends.
    Enjoy the rewards.

    Please also note, that on top of the affiliate campaigns you will also be getting be awarded 30% of the House’s profits on a daily basis.

    Free 200 000 Satoshi (0.002 BTC) GIVEAWAY!

    For any queries, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

    Happy Gambling!

    NOTE: I am NOT admin!
    Referral link | Non-referral link
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