Resolved Empusa Trying to scam me .. BECAREFULL

Discussion in 'Scam Reports' started by H3RO, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. H3RO

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    scammer username :
    scammer profile page :
    scammer thread :

    the store : I PMd him to replace PS4 console to my address but I told him that I will pay after I got the order number and status changed to Shipped.

    first he want upfront payment but I refused and say no .. bye

    then after few hours he reply to me and say ok I am agree .. and he gave me his skype

    his skype is : callofboobies

    in skype I gave him my address and he sent picture about the order (he made it by photoshop and but my address there) and said now the order shipped .. please pay me .. then I say ok no problem ..

    I took the order number and contact amazon live chat to ask about that order

    I checked with and .. all of them they said there are no order for this number and its wrong .. also I checked again in the next day and live chat operators said same thing.

    I back to the scammer and said to him .. send to me the tracking number !! he said amazon didn't send me the tracking number
    how amazon shipped item cost more than $300 without tracking ......... ((this is one of his mistakes))

    second mistake for him .. is that .. I discovered that in the order picture that he sent .. it shows order status is SHIPPED .. actually it is in uk amazon store and the currency is British pound .. guys .. from uk store they don't write shipped .. they write Dispatched


    then I back to him to have fun of this scammer and he was begging me to pay him and he said he has to pay his bills because the condition in his country GREECE is very bad


    finally I delete him from skype

    guys I just want to inform you about this scammer because I don't want anyone here been scammed

    guys see now he is trying to scam our members
    in his thread :

    he refused to get paid by paypal .. he want BTC only... so the buyer can't get refund from BTC

    salaam alekoom
    والسلام عليكم
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  2. Kallism

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    thanks for letting us know
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  3. Empusa

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    Big lier! i told him to pay me cause i made the replacement and told me he wont i canceled the order and now i tried to scam you? pathetic kid
  4. Bangerz

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    Could you show us the proof that you really made replacment?
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