Completed Exchanging Paysafecard to Paypal

Discussion in 'Currency Exchange' started by fsk1337, Dec 17, 2014.

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  1. fsk1337

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    The rate is always 0.8 for 1.0
    So i charge 20% of the paysafecard-value.
    Minimum cashin is 10Euro

    You have to send me a pm before the trade with your steam/skypeaddy
    I can´t cashin any bonus paysafecards.
    I will not send you any money if i can´t cash in the PSC cause its from any country my poker-provider doesn´t accept.
    I wont go first.
    I will send the money via family+friends from my verified paypal so in my experience there arent an transaction fees for recieving the money.

    I have many vouches in steam(as you can see in my profile)

    You can add me in steam:

    or skype: peterpan133711

    countrys which work 4sure:


    countrys it didnt work:
    - none experienced
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