[FREE] Checking your combos on a 4GB ram, quad core processor

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    1. I am NOT taking any payments for this service.
    2. This is first come first serve basis.
    3. I will use my own proxies and configs, if you want you can give me your own configs to work with.
    4. This is a VPS with DEDICATED 4GB ram. It runs on a quad core 3.7GHz CPU and runs 24x7. It is on a 1GBps port.

    Please read the disclaimer first.

    I am currently only cracking a few sites and my server stays idle for a long time. If someone wants to check a huge combo, they can let me know and I'll take care of it.

    The server also has sqlidork, PasswordPRO and other tools so if you need any help with those, it can be done.

    I will NOT take any of your hits. Your hits are yours. You will get each and everyone of it. I won't be selling/using any of your hits. (I never sell anything, not even my own hits).

    I usually can check about 200combos/min with my PSN config. Haven't tested much of others but 30-40k combos are usually checked within a few minutes.

    Reply here or PM me if you need to use my server.

    Btw, I'll send you screenshots of your hits just to make sure I don't take anything if you want.
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    pm me your skype bro

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