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Apr 11, 2013
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Free RapidShare Premium Account downloads - bypass RapidShare time limits and download with ease!

RapidShareGOD is a Free RapidShare Premium Account Download Link Generator service, that allows you to bypass RapidShare time and speed limits. Simply copy-paste your RapidShare links into our site and start downloading!

How it works

01. Register for a free account at, and get your free bandwidth

02. Login to your Admin area

03. Insert your RapidShare or RapidShareGod links into our system via insertion box that supports bulk RapidShare downloads in your Admin area and click download!

It's as simple as that !

If you need more bandwidth than the bandwidth allocated to your account for free simply fill-out a survey or two from our sponsors, and your account will instantly be credited with extra bandwidth. You can even coose how much bandwidth you want!

The account is credited instantly when the survey is successfully finished. Most surveys cen even get you some cool free stuff, big disscounts and cupons!

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