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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Miku, Jul 7, 2015.

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    Hey guys, heard great things about this forum so I decided to finally take the dive and join.[​IMG]

    Welp here we go..

    About me;

    Big fan of anime,

    Faves would be Steins Gate, Angel Beats, and No Game No Life.
    Just finished watching fate/stay night but i got a huuuge backlog to catch up on xD.

    Like most plebs on the internet I do devote a lot of time into playing games,

    My top 3 would be osu! hearthstone and league but I'm really looking for something fresh, maybe a new mmo or something, I dunno. (4 years of league is getting silly now)

    As for cracking i've been learning more and more for the past year. As of writing this I can gather my own proxies (proxyfire), grab my own cmobos(sqli), obviously crack with them, and I can make simple configs for sentry. I haven't really tried any other programs other than multiforce but if there's a better alternative then i'd be happy to try it.

    And for the username, It was aaronspong but it's been that for a damn long time, like when the xbox 360 came out, and so i needed a change. Not to mention it's a dumb name with no meaning, so i obviously had to make myself look like a weeaboo fag instead.

    Well i guess that's about it, thanks for having me and I hope I can be active in this community aswell!


    p.s. Where's that diamond I paid for xD
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    Welcome to the site. Have a couple of things in common with you (anime and osu).
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    Welcome to Crackingcore :)
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