How to bypass telco hotspot quota.


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Dec 6, 2018
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Based in Malaysia, Umobile telco company has introduced GX30 plan comes with unlimited data for all apps at RM30/month. Calls are not included but you do get 3GB of hotspot data. In terms of speed, GX30 prepaid is capped at 3Mbps. According to the T&C, GX30 plan will let you enjoy unlimited video and music streaming in standard definition. This means your video streaming is capped at a maximum of 480p resolution. If you are using android, lucky for you there is a workaround. You can download this apk called and you can share your connection through USB , WIFI and bluetooth. No root required. In order for you to tether your phone using USB, first you will need to install pdanet exe on your PC/laptop. Can get the installer from . Once installed, launch pdanet from your computer and launch pdanet from your android phone. Your computer will detect pdanet on phone once you establish a USB connection.

To summarized what you need depends on your usage.

USB Tether
a) PDAnet on and
b) PDAnet on laptop/PC

a) PDAnet on android If you don’t know how to use the PDAnet ,
Happy surfing!