InfiniteSkills Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development

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    InfiniteSkills Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development

    In this Reverse Engineering and Exploit Development
    training course, expert author Philip Polstra will
    teach you about common software vulnerabilities and
    how to find them, as well as how the vulnerabilities
    differ between various operating systems. This course
    is designed for beginners who are looking to get
    started in security, penetration testing, and reverse

    You will start by learning about reversing compiled
    Windows applications, including using fuzzing, stack
    overflows, and heap overflows. From there, Philip will
    teach you how to reverse compiled OS X, Linux, and
    Android applications. This video tutorial also covers
    how to find other vulnerabilities, including website
    and database vulnerabilities. Finally, you will learn
    about simple exploits, web exploitation, and ARM

    Once you have completed this computer based training
    course, you will be fully capable of finding
    vulnerabilities and developing exploits for them.
    Working files are included, allowing you to follow
    along with the author throughout the lessons.

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