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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by miss.special, Sep 5, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    For some time I am looking for a nice forum board where I could settle down, spend some time and eventually help in keeping it clean. Past few weeks I have found several and spend some time around but I am still looking for other, eventually better ones, more friendlier etc.

    For a start I can't not to mention how interesting is to see that 99% of the members introduce themselves with hardly more than one sentence. I was always asking myself why would anyone even start a thread if is going to post 5 words only. Well, that was at my beginning :D. Later I realized that they are usually trying to boost their posts "over the night" trying to make their shortcut of having a nice rep at the board... so stupid.

    After finding this board, it took me some time to read the rules and realize it's concept. As I could see as a guest, I got impression that is very good with nicely arranged content easy to be browsed. As I spent a lot of time online I'll try to be of some use around and make my way to the top.

    Of course, here are and few words about me. I am not a master cracker neither I am close to it. I do know some basics, gathering proxies and creating combo lists. I am familiar with some cracking tools also. I had never tried to learn sentry because of several reasons (mostly my spare time) which I don't have that much anymore (I have learned to crack using Apex but now it is mostly outdated lol). However, beside finding the backdoors of all kind, I am into completely another type of exploiting.

    My main interests are adult cams. To be precise, adult cam private shows. I am into them for almost 10 years now having my own little board devoted to their exploiting. Exploiting not the way most people knows here, using cracked accounts or paying for the shows, but getting them completely for free. After all this time I have learned a lot and meet many great people. Sadly, I have met 10 times more cheaters, liers, scammers but that is normal these days I guess. Everyone learn to be careful by time so it's normal.

    So let that be it for now. Regards @all, miss.special
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    Welcome to the forum!!

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