Completed Irobot Roomba 800 Series Serial (Paying $10 btc or paypal)

Discussion in 'Buyer's Section' started by Rick1488, Apr 19, 2016.

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    I know this is a weird request, but I own a Roomba 880 robot vacuum, but it's currently out of warranty and my cleaning head module broke which costs $59.99 so I'd rather put in a warranty claim for the part on a new serial.

    So, if you can get me a new serial for the Roomba 880 which is sold at bestbuy, Sears, Target etc I'll pay you $10 in btc or paypal after I verify the serial is good.

    I'm not a scammer, but I understand precautions must be made so we can do a mm or even teamview. If you have trust issues :)

    My model Roomba:
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    this is where the serial number is located on the robot I'm not sure if it's any where on the box.
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