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    I decided to close my other topic and start a new one.

    So i have loads of accounts in stock.

    I'm offering loads of accounts such as

    Giving out 2 vouches to trusted members

    - 5 Random Amazon.com accounts. Price: $3

    - 5 Random Amazon.co.uk accounts. Price: $3

    - Accounts with Specific orders like PS4's , Xbox one's and Computer parts. Price: 20% Of the order. Both on .co.uk and.com.

    - 25 Unchecked Amazon.com accounts. Price: $5

    25 Unchecked Amazon.co.uk accounts. Price: $5

    - Unchecked Amazon.fr accounts. Price: Skype/PM me

    - Accounts with GiftCard Balance. Price: 17,5% Both on co.uk and .com

    All .com accounts are out of stock

    My skype is : Ivar.io

    The Payment methods are

    - PayPal (Friends and Family only)

    - BTC (10% Discount)


    -CS:GO Skins


    - Refunds aren't possible, all sales are final

    - I'm not responsible for anything you do with it
    -No warranty
    - If you tried to SE, but it failed, I'm still not responsible
    - All accounts are freshly cracked [​IMG]
    - All worked before selling them
    - I am allowed to refuse people
    - You are NOT allowed to open a scam ticket, if you failed SE'ing
    - This TOS counts for all accounts that i sell
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