Learning Photoshop For Busy People

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    Learning Photoshop For Busy People
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    Lesson 1-5 of -Learning Photoshop - For Busy People-! In these first 5 lessons, a collective of 1 hour and 15 minutes of training, you will go from having no understanding of Photoshop at all, to being able to use almost all of the basic functions!

    Learning Photoshop - For Busy People, is aimed at teaching you, over the course of 20 lessons, to go from a complete Photoshop Newbie to being able to understand and follow the most advanced tutorials out there. A lot of teaching material for Photoshop ends up focusing on all the little details that you really don-t need to know. Do you really need to have a full understanding of the coding in Actions? Or a deep knowledge of how Batch Processing works? No, you don-t. I skip over features that are rarely used, and focus solely on the stuff that people actually use to make their work.

    Everything is taught hands-on, with practical applications as we go through it all. It-s gonna happen in a relatively fast pace, so fasten your seatbelts!
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    thanks much

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