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Discussion in 'Buyer's Section' started by Known Alias, Jan 8, 2015.

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    im looking to buy a few cheap vps's $1 to $2 dont need crazy specs offshore would be nice but this is for nothing blackhat just to test out my account gen manager in my sig to fine best a cheapest servers for my customers
    same goes for webhosting cheap ones to test my manager if you got a good deal for me and it works with my panel good i will be adding your site or thread link to my thread to show people what hosting or servers are best!

    I sell panel on 4 different forums so you will be added to all :) let me know your prices and how long you've had company opened

    Also if you want to recommend me some would be great too even if not sold on CC

    I would like offshore for both vps and webhosting but fine if not!
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