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    • My name: MR.HACK
    • Likes Received: 543
    • Why do you think you deserve this rank: I Feel I Have Contributed A Good Amount Of Quality Stuff To The Site and I love helping Fellow Site Members in the Shout Box or anyway I can When I Can, When I Can.
    • Example of My work is Steam & rdp & killing denuvo(leaking denuvo game accounts)
    • <-------- Full Content
    • Just Wanted To Add A Note.. I Really Would Appreciate The Rank Upgrade! I Do My Best To Contribute Good Stuff Has Much Has Im Able.
    • More Examples R I Know how to Collect My own Combos using Sql Dumper with hashed passwords, I can make configs using Sentry and getting better. I know how to gather my own elite proxies, Im pretty good with dubrute and rdps.
    • No Matter What I Plan On Doing what ive been doing with sharing and hanging out with fellow crackers on mypassion!!!!
    • -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • Either Way Jacob, I Appreciate Your time and Consideration with my Rank!! [​IMG]
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    First Vouch. Though your link is not working for me.

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