Completed MSDN Admin Method for sale (Limited Copies)

Discussion in 'Sellers Section' started by Colter, Nov 24, 2015.

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    I'm now selling my method I've used for a year now with great success!

    With my method you have the highest chance of getting your MSDN applications approved, I have about 70% success at the moment.
    This is not a method available online and its one which I came up with myself with a lot of trial and error,

    When I was active I sold about 1-3 MSDN Account a day on different websites/forums which equals to about 120 to 360$ a day pure profit. You wont need any additional investment funds for this!

    In addition to the method you will get personal coaching and support directly from me, making sure that your success is guaranteed, we will use Jabber/XMPP for safety and anonymity using OTR.

    Send me a PM if you need additional information regarding this offer.

    This will not be one of those 10$ sales which doesn't work or is saturated.
    This is for those whom can invest some to make some, and when I say some I mean a Lot. You are looking at a ROI after just a couple of sales!

    So why sell?
    Because I'm moving away from this area to something else, something more Dark-net. Its time for me to advance in other areas.

    Money back guarantee:

    There will be no refunds after the method is explained.
    BUT, as a extra layer of comfort, if you haven't made money with this method after 1 month, I will in full give you your invested money back if you can give me proof you did as I told you of course.
    Why 1 month? Because when you starting out its a process where you apply for theses accounts and the time it takes to get your accounts approved varies from 5 to 14 days (approximately)

    I am a reasonable man after all, so hit me up and we will talk business.

    to sum it up:

    1. Method Fully Explained (recieve youor own personal accounts, build customer base etc)
    2. Personal Support Included (invaluable)
    3. List of places to sell MSDN accounts! ( Personal List with the least competition for fast sales?
    4. Anonymity guide (I will explain how you can do this anonymous)

    Price: 500$ BTC (Negotiable)

    Contact: [email protected] or PM
    Skype: CrackingColter

    Thank you
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