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Discussion in 'Completed Requests' started by Mentos, Mar 23, 2014.

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  1. Mentos

    Mentos New Member

    When you open the program it says:
    'Welcome name!' then continues to the program, if you turn your NET off, it just shows a string error.
    I've used ollydbg to try and find the string saying that welcome, but I can't find it, this is because it's reading it from a server, and I'm struggling to find where that server is.
    I think as long as we can decompile or decode it, or somehow otherwise remove or trick the checker, so it doesnt check if we have a license, then it will just load the program and allow me to use it.
    ISSUE is, the program auto updates itself, and it needs to update every week/month to work, if we can keep this but remove the checker it should be good.
    This program is made by a random person, not a big company, so should not be hard.

    PM me or comment if you can help, I may pay if you help a lot!
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