NewBlueFX cFX Creative Series Bundle 3.0.130429


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May 27, 2013
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NewBlueFX cFX Creative Series Bundle 3.0.130429

The price speaks for itself.. 47 creative plugins (Total value $809.75)

NewBlueFX cFX Creative Series Bundle
gives you 47 artistic plugins and hundreds of design presets to transform regular footage into visually stimulating works of video art.
Create the old school look of film, manipulate light and apply a virtual artist's brush with cFX.

Art Effects:
Apply artistic video filters such as airbrush, colorize, hand-sketched and metallic looks.

Film Effects:
Recreate the authentic look of film by applying artistic video software filters.

Light Effects:
Easily add soft glows, flares, strobes, rays and sparkles to your video with this collection of video editing plugins.

Motion Effects:
Simulate earthquakes, blur images and add camera shake effects to your video with these powerful plugins.

Paint Effects:
Turn footage into a cartoon, painting or drawing with this video effects collection of 12 best-selling filters.

47 Bundled Plugins to Help You Unleash Your Creativity!

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