NFL Sunday Ticket on Roku?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ghost402012, Aug 10, 2014.

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    I was wandering if anyone has come up with a solution on getting the Sunday TIcket working on the Roku Box? Roku don't have a NFL Sunday Ticket channel out yet, and wandering if there is a private channel made or another type of other S/W out there to capture from PC to Roku that would work in this case?

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    Let me try to cut your search to a minimum by telling how I have gotten it to work so far. Please keep in mind that I have not watched more than a few preseason games but I managed to watch both live and archived games.
    My setup is as follow YMMV but this setup works for me so far.
    First you need to get a fast/reliable VPN I use vypervpn from giganews - setup your PC to connect through a U.K. server.
    Then your gonna need to setup Plex media server on the same PC and setup your roku with the Plex channel and then from your roku
    Install the NFL channel now your going to need to find/crack/buy a U.K. NFL gamepass account (this probably can be from any country other than USA, just be sure that your VPN access is for the same region)
    Okay, now with your VPN running your Plex server will route the traffic between the pc and roku without the need to change the DNS at the router level. Fire up the big screen load the NFL Plex channel up through roku logon and enjoy cheap/free NFL!!

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