GPT / PTC Money NiksGCs Official Launch!

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    Join Here and receive a 10 point signup bonus! Points may be delayed as the system is being upgraded!

    NiksGCs is open to the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. This is due to lack of offers and high fraud from other countries! We are currently running a customized version of GPT Hybrid which has bug fixes, layout changes, and more security! We offer Paypal and custom requests! You can request bitcoin, gift cards, or physical items via custom requests! All redemption's should be sent very quickly but please give it up to 1 week. If you do not receive your redemption by then please submit a support ticket and one of our admins will fix the situation. Our minimum redemption amount is $5 or 500 points to deter fraudulent activity. Also offers over 200 points are locked for 35 days! We offer a 1 point daily login bonus! All you have to do is click submit daily for your free point per day! We are constantly adding tons of new offers daily. We offer many daily surveys, email submits, registrations, trials, and more at high rates! We also have one of the industries highest PPD rates at 60 points each and high rates on our offers and offer walls! We offer 10 PPD offers daily for Dreamcash and Cash9 to complete. That's a whopping easy $12 per day just doing email submits, daily surveys, or download offers on the PPD's excluding our great variety of onsite offers and offer walls! We currently have 6 great offer walls which include Cash9, Clixwall, Dreamcash, Matomy, MinuteStaff, and PTCWall! We also allow you to post 5 payment proofs in the lifetime of your account. Each one must be posted to a different forum and of a different payment. You simply put the link in the offer box and submit for credit. We always have offer contests for completing the most offers and we will be having raffles for holidays and other events including a grand opening offer contest. We have a great referral program, fast support, and for $20 the ability to upgrade and receive a special shout box tag, extra points on offers and referrals, and a low $1 minimum redemption!

    We still are finding errors and bugs to fix. If you find any error, bug, or exploit please send a ticket with information as you will be rewarded. This counts for offer or wall exploits as well.

    The bugs and issues we currently know about and are being fixed are below.

    We are making a sexy and interactive theme with automatically updating balance totals, etc.

    We are finishing up a forum that will have first to credit bonuses, and much more.

    We are fixing a bug that requires us to manually pay contest winners.

    We are creating an offer wall called Nik's Wall Of Money with the best offers and rates of any wall! Sometime later on it will be available to the public under a different name.

    We are fixing a bug that does not auto credit users their signup bonus

    We are designing new referral banners

    We are fixing a postback issue. No offers credit automatically and all walls do not credit automatically either besides PTCWall which we fixed last night.

    Getting SSL certified

    We hope to see you soon making tons of money! -Nick and the staff that made this possible.

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