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    Hi guys

    Those that remember me from other forums, will know that i'm no coder but like to make scripts etc with a program called winautomation.

    Those of you that have tried cracking oboom might have realized they use encrypted passwords, hence I made this program.
    This tool create oboom combos that you can use with your favourite cracking program. It takes a normal combo file (email:pass) and generates combos in 2 modes:
    > username:password:encrypted_pass (default, for use in my sentry MBA config) - (output file will be oboomcombos3.txt)
    > username:encrypted_pass - (output file will be oboomcombos.txt)
    username:encrypted_pass can be used in any cracking program whereas the first option (username:password:encrypted_pass) I made specifically for Sentry MBA. In this case you can see the hit combo straight away and don't have to go and search the username as would the case be when you use username:encrypted_pass.






    A few notes on this program

    1. This program needs activation, so you need to pm me stating your hardware id and that it is for "Oboom Combo Commander"
    2. This program is only available to that have Active Members and above. If you don't qualify don't bother sending a pm because I will ignore all such requests.
    3. You should get 500+ combos / min depending on your hardware, but its the best I can do with winautomation (this program produce only single-threaded programs). Also, I have another solution, Quickphp Oboom Webserver that does it in realtime.
    4. I will use my own discretion as to who gets access, I don't want any noobs cracking oboom and make them increase their security sooner than necessary.

    Lastly, if I haven't replied to your pm in 2 days it is due to point 2 or 4 above, or else I have been very busy at work, so please bear with me.

    Version History:

    v1.0 Original Release

    * Encryption rate is massively better ; on a dual core and quad core pc I measured an increase from 60 / min to between 700 - 1000 / min !
    * CPU usage is still high but slightly better. It is recommended to disable your anti-virus real-time protection while my program is running, in a test I did it decreased CPU usage from 100% to about 50%
    * The program automatically checks for updates and will let you download new versions when they become available
    the 2 output files (oboomcombos3.txt / oboomcombos.txt) will now be created / appended to in the same folder you start the program from.


    Download: (v2.0)

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    To use, extract the rar to any folder and run oboom combo commander.exe.

    Virustotal scan result:
    There is 2 false positives by 2 mostly unknown anti-virus companies, due to the encryption of code and hwid I add to my executable.

    Price: 5$


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    trusted guy don't feel hesitate :wub:
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