Paid programs license cracking

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    My question is about paid programs which require payment for buy a licensce and after that we are able to sell

    products made using that programs.

    For example it can be:
    Adobe Photoshop - sell templates or pictures
    Adobe Muse - sell websites

    Or any other programs that require licensce.

    And for example I want make website template using Adobe Muse and sell it in site like market destinied for that,
    where people can sell their work in paid programs in the given conditions.
    If I make website template in program where i used crack so the administrators from this market site will see that
    I used pirate program to do template and wanted to sell it and possibly Adobe could be notificated about this
    illegal attempt.
    So is any method to do that they would think i made my template in paid lincensed program.

    Code the output file or something like this.

    Please tell me about methods or aim me to to purpose thread

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