Phlearn - Pro Photoshop Tutorial: Beetle Beauty

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    phlearn - Pro Photoshop Tutorial: Beetle Beauty | 408 MB
    English | 1h 10m | AVC1 1280x720 15 fps | AAC 160 Kbps 44.1 KHz
    Genre: eLearning | Level: Intermediate

    Retouch this amazing beauty image to perfection while learning how to master the pen tool dodge and burn create highlights color sharpening and more.
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    Perfect Backgrounds
    Add Specular Hilghlights
    Advanced Sharpening
    Master Pen Tool
    Before & After
    Hover over the image below to view the before and after transformation!
    Removing a Hand
    The hand in this photo is just a distraction so it makes sense to remove it. We use the Pen Tool to create an accurate selection around where the hand intersects with the face and use that to cut the hand out. We then go over several techniques to making sure the background of the image is pure white.
    Often times it can be hard to tell if a background is actually 100 white or black. In this tutorial we go over a great way to check instantly!
    Create Detail through Sharpening
    A great way to make an image appear as though it is popping off the screen is to add a ton of detail through sharpening. We go over our exclusive 3 step process on how to bring out small details as well as large details.
    So sharp it will cut ya!
    Although the beetle was already an amazing color we decided to enhance it along with the lips to bring out even more interest. You will learn how to take the natural muted colors of an image and really make them pop out in this Photoshop tutorial.
    Create Specular Highlights
    To make something look like it really shines you can add a level of highlight detail that wasnt there in the first place. Specular highlights are the highlights that show up when an object is reflecting light so for the most part they are white. Think of a cars paint job. On a bright day the surfaces facing upwards will almost appear white even if the car itself is black. That is because you are seeing the highlights not the actual color of the car.
    To make something look like it is shiny these specular highlights are a must! We cover an easy way to add these to any image.
    Master the Pen Tool
    In this Photoshop tutorial we cover the pen tool in depth and show you how to make accurate selections from your pen paths. We use paths to define the lips of the subjects in order to make the border clean and sharp!
    We also use a pen path to outline the beetle making it much easier to remove the hand in the photo.

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