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    I'm going to be teaching you how to hack someones status on Facebook. This method has probably been posted before, but I cannot find it. This method is very simple and I will include pictures in this tutorial.
    What you need;

    • A Hotmail or Gmail email.
    Step 1) Go to / you will see a unique email under "post it by email" That is your unique email. What we are trying to do is getting your victims unique email by social engineering them, I will
    post an example below in step number 2.

    Step 2) Get in contact with your slave. Send him a message saying something like "Hey Can you tell me the email on this page :, I need it so I can upload something via my email." You can create your own method for this. Another method would be using this email spoofer "" and sending them a message filling out the name. For example, From name: Facebook Staff, From email:, etc asking them for the email at

    Step 3) Once you have SE'd your victims unique email, go to your hotmail/gmail account and send an email to the unique email he gave you. In the subject box is the status you want to come up on his wall, eg; "text here" the main box is for the picture attachment you want to attach, I don't think you can upload more than 1 image per status, you'll have to try it out [​IMG]. Once you send it, it will appear on his wall, simple as that.
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