Post Your PC Build Thread

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    Post Your PC Build Thread
    This thread is for posting your PC Build or your favorite PC build.
    If you see a build you LIKE, show some love and send a like.

    I'm going to start it off with last years BNR build.
    This build was complete SE and a little AMAZON.


    PC Specs

    • 1x Corsair 760T
    • 2x Matrix Platinum GTX 980 Asus
    • 1x Asus Rog Enthusiast SLI Bridge
    • 1x Intel i7 4770K (4.4 GHz)
    • 1x Asus Maximus Hero VII
    • 4x 8 GB Hyperx Fury Ram (1600 MHz)
    • 1x H105 Corsair Water Cooling

    • 1x Corsair AX860 PSU

    • 1x Asus Rog Front Base

    • 1x 240GB SSD

    • 1x 1 TB HDD

    • 6x Bitfenix Red Sleeved Cables

    • 2x SP120 Corsair Fans

    • 3x AF140 Corsair Fans Red

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